• Shoe Cleaning Cloth

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    A Shoe Cleaning Cloth That Maintains a Brand-New Look

    The 2GO Cleaning Cloth is made of durable microfiber that gently wipes away smudges without harming the material. There’s nothing worse than seeing dirt disappear just to be replaced by permanent scratches. Further, the 80 percent polyester and 20 percent polyamide material dries out extremely quickly, and it can be safely machine washed.

    Gentle But Effective

    Using rough material to clean your shoes can damage the fabric. In fact, using the wrong type of cloth can be worse than simply leaving the dirt and dust on your shoes. As bad as scuffs can look, you can’t reverse damage to the footwear itself. That’s what makes this 2GO Cleaning Cloth so important. When you need it, you’ll be glad you have it.

    Backed by a 100% Guarantee

    Every one of our products is backed by a guarantee: you’ll get your money back if this 2GO Cleaning Cloth isn’t exactly what you’re expecting. Your refund will be on its way without the need to mail anything back or answer any questions. We’re that confident this cloth will meet or exceed your every expectation. Order today!

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