Shoe Cleaning Kit

180.00 €
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The Best Shoe Cleaning System

Even small smudges and scuffs can make footwear look old and low quality. The 2GO Shoe Cleaning Kit provides everything you need to ensure your shoes stay looking brand new. Get the most of your shoes with this cleaning kit today.

Thanks to the Highest Quality Products

The spray consists of a Grade A, eco-friendly formula that makes even the whitest shoes look their brightest. 

The brush offers a quick and effective way to get into those small creases and stitchings, including the soles of your shoes. 

And the microfiber cloth is a gentle wipe that takes care of dirt like an eraser – without damaging the shoes whatsoever.

This is the best combination of footwear cleaning products, all in one high-quality, highly affordable kit.

From a Company That Truly Cares

We strive to keep your footwear exactly how you like it. From custom shoelaces to shoe care products like this cleaning kit, we have you covered from toe to ankle. Also, if this product (or any other) isn’t exactly as advertised, we’ll refund it, no need to mail anything back. 

Order risk-free, and enjoy better shoes every day with the 2GO Shoe Cleaning Kit.

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