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    Elastic lock black & blue shoelaces

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    • Easily adjustable tension
    • Turns any shoes into slip-ons
    • Doesn't fray or break
    • Get a unique look
    • One size fits all
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    Become Unstoppable with Elastic Lock Black and Blue Shoelaces

    Elastic lock black and blue shoelaces in trainers turn your feet into two wrecking balls, meaning nothing—and we do mean nothing—can stand in your way.

    Can't quite seem to beat that most recent personal record? Easy fix – these laces.

    Spending six seconds a day tying your shoes? Easy fix – that adds up to 36.5 minutes a year, time that could have been spent training.

    Training to do what? To crash through barriers, that's what. They say that if you stand at a wall, you should build a door. Forget building anything, just get a good run going and smash through that wall like a hot knife through butter.

    Tighten up these laces with the easily adjustable, highly secure lock, then head to the base of a cliff where people are rock-climbing. People will wonder if you're about to climb it without a harness. But then you can just jump from the bottom of the cliff, fly past everyone who's slowly making their way to the top, and land at the peak…all without breaking a sweat.

    And don't worry: elastic lock blue and black shoelaces weren't made for superhumans. Instead, they were made to turn you superhuman. It's a big responsibility. Can you handle it?

    If so, then these laces were made for you.

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    Product Code: 3M-E-BlueBlack
    Width: 3mm