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Flat pink shoelaces

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  • Stays tied all day
  • Doesn't fray or break
  • Get a unique look

 Long gone are the days when this light shade of pink was exclusively for girls. Men too can now wear our flat pink shoelaces with pride. Pink is more powerful that you know.

So what do our pink laces say about you? We think they declare that you’re approachable, that you’re the kind of friendly stranger who would happily give directions to clueless tourists. Pink shoelaces say that you make friends easily and for the long-term, and that you’re a nineties kid and proud of it. Most of all, this shade shows that you have a sensitive side and that you’re okay with showing it. Aww.

But above all, pink laces shout out self confidence. This is a colour that’s often underestimated, leaving wearers of pink in the perfect position to surprise and exceed expectations. And who doesn’t want that?

You get the idea: armed with these laces your feet will never be the same again. For best results, we’d recommend threading these delightful pink laces through white trainers. Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple.

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Product Code: 8M-Flat-LightPink
Width: 8mm
Made of high quality polyester
Can stretch 16%
OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved