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round dress dark grey shoelaces

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  • Order fits perfectly in your letterbox
  • Get a unique look
  • Doesn't fray or break
  • Stays tied all day

These dark grey shoelaces express sophistication. It is a timeless colour with a sense of formality in it. You can wear grey with shoes in any colour. They are especially suited for black and white shoes. It is a safe choice to buy these shoelaces.

The shoelaces are produced from quality threads. The colours used in the shoelaces are original, and combined with the threading create a perfect depth and brightness. We believe that the quality is the most important thing, as it is this factor which is the main reason that people return to our webshop, to buy more shoelaces.

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Product Code: 3M-Classic-DarkGrey
OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved
Thin wax-layer
Width: 2,5mm
Stretch 0%
Made of cotton
Commonly used with dress shoes