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round orange dress shoelaces

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Round Dress Orange Shoelaces Fuel Footwear

Round dress orange shoelaces are for dress shoes that pop; for occasions that don't just call for it but demand it; for the love of all that is holy styling of the highest order.

Orange you glad you found these? High-end laces designed for high-end events that are in the exact colour that will set your shoes apart? You'll see light brown, tan, white, light grey laces, and other muted colours for muted souls, all while these laces energise your feet.

We bet you didn't notice how sad other shoelaces can look until this moment.

Orange's complementary colour is blue. It doesn't matter which shade. There's a reason sunsets make the most hardened men sob uncontrollably – the contrast of blue and orange is that tremendous, that powerful.

But you can harness orange's dynamism beyond blue, and the sky is the limit. Orange laces work with any shade of brown, colouration of white, or leather with a yellow tint. Black is always a secure choice, and slightly lighter than black all the way to light grey transcends the seasons.

Round dress orange shoelaces say how you're feeling without you having to say it…or keep pace with whatever extroverted escapades you find yourself embarking on.

You know you’re bright. Isn't it time you have the feet to match?

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Product Code: 3M-Classic-Orange
Thin wax-layer
Made of cotton
Stretch 0%
Width: 2,5mm
OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved
Commonly used with dress shoes