• Everyday insole for comfort and performance

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    • Quality-Checked for Durability and Errors.

    Do you need to walk or stand a lot every day? These insoles provide supreme comfort while making sure you don't experience tiredness or pain. They take up very little space in shoes, being just 3/4 of their full length. Still, they cover all of the right pressure points and you can use them in any shoe.

    If you lead an active lifestyle, but don't have pain and/or suffer from a specific medical condition, they are the ultimate in footcare. They offer not only arch support, but also flexing and cushioning. The top layer is soft and made of bamboo, which absorbs sweat and neutralizes other sources of moisture.

    An alternative to the classic, but outdated "Tri-comfort" Scholl insole

    This insole is the perfect alternative to Tri-comfort. It is ideal for people who need a fully reliable footcare product for everyday use. Anyone who needs to be on their feet all day will tell you they’re looking for high comfort and a boost in performance to avoid foot pain. Our everyday insole for comfort and performance also eliminates odor. You don’t need to have a specific requirement for a condition or type of sport to benefit from it.                    

    The insole was designed to absorb shock to the heel due to impact, support the arch, and provide maximum comfort all at the same time. It’s comprised of multiple layers to achieve all of this.           

    Best all-round insole

    This is the right choice for an all-round effective insole. It comes in two size ranges - 36-40 and 41-45. It’s simple and intuitive to insert: just place it in your shoe with the heel pressed against the back. You can’t go wrong. It will work like a charm every time. This is important to know because we’re all sick of unergonomic insoles that won’t fit in our shoes without a struggle.

    As it’s the undisputed best all-round insole for general use, it’s only logical that it will fit in any shoe. Since it doesn’t reach the very front, even the tightest shoe can accommodate it.

    The best combination of materials

    Apart from the top layer of bamboo, the insoles contain latex and foam. In fact, the main parts are made of foam, making them lightweight and convenient for all everyday activities. If you are extremely active or suffer from a skeletomuscular condition, one of our other products may be a better fit. 

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