• Insole For Transverse Arch Support

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    These insoles are perfect for people who want to get rid of pain, discomfort, or fatigue in their forefoot. Pain or discomfort in this area comes from incorrect posture. The technical term is metatarsalgia and refers to the bones behind your toes, the metatarsals.

    The insoles can help with plantar fasciitis, a condition where forefoot pain radiates toward the lower part of the middle foot or to the bottom of your heel. This happens when the plantar fascia ligament becomes strained. The most frequent cause of strain is excessive use of soft-soled footwear with poor arch support. Contributing causes include frequent standing, long-distance running, weight gain, and other foot conditions.

    Apart from providing the same luxurious feel as specialized footwear company 2GO’s regular leather insoles, they ensure transversal arch support.             

    Best Insoles for flat feet

    The insoles support the foot right behind the ball of the foot, ensuring you get a proper arch across your foot again. Your foot can look flat or extra wide when you don’t have a proper transverse arch. However, the term “flat feet” is normally referring to the lack of a medial arch which is the one running along the length of your foot on the inside. These insoles focus on a proper arch across the foot, eliminating the pain or discomfort from its absence. When you move forward, the front of your foot carries all of your weight.

    These insoles are made of genuine vegetable tanned leather, which is characterized by high comfort and durability and eliminates moisture effectively. They should last long after you’ve stopped wearing that particular pair of shoes.  

    Great insoles for metatarsalgia

    Insoles for metatarsalgia must provide proper support for your transverse arch and ensure your feet are secured with proper posture. The feet should actually be supported a bit further back than where most people would intuitively guess. Rather than supporting your feet directly under the area carrying your weight, these insoles will support your feet right behind the ball of the foot creating a proper arch.                        

    These insoles are soft and comfortable and comes with an integrated pad for the transversal arch support you need. The insoles will fit in almost any shoe. If your shoes are a very tight fit, have a look at our smaller inserts instead. They also provide great support for the transverse arch, but they take up virtually no room.

    Last but not least, they are very easy to insert. Simply place them in your shoes and make sure you move the heel back to touch the back of your shoes.

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