• Heel Support Plus

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    • Quality-Checked for Durability and Errors.

    Heel support plus from 2GO is made of genuine leather and both lift and support your heels. The inserts are highly beneficial for those suffering from heel spurs. They are removeable and designed specifically for heel spur pain relief. They also help with leg length discrepancy, poor posture, poor balance, and conditions with the Achilles tendon. Heel Support Plus insoles are the perfect choice for your rehabilitation needs.

    Best Insoles for heel spurs

    Heel Support Plus comes with a removeable section exposing a soft pillow right where heel spurs occur. This makes them even more beneficial and helpful to people with heel spurs. This kind of heel support will also cushion your foot from heel impacts when your body is in motion. Slightly raising the foot is surprisingly effective against the annoying rubbing or scraping on the back of your foot because you change the angle of your foot. The insoles help with leg length discrepancy by compensating the length lacked by the shorter leg.

    Insoles for Achilles tendonitis

    Lifting the heel makes the tendon contract, thereby taking pressure off it. When you place your foot flat on the ground and try lifting the toes, you’ll feel a painful stretch along the back of the foot, radiating up from the heel. This is your inflamed tendon stretching. You need Heel Support plus to lift the heel and relieve this pain. This will also shift the contact point of your feet to the ground, correcting improper posture.

    Incorrect posture can lead to lower back pain, which is one of the first signs of scoliosis. This often comes from a "tilted" posture to one side. The insoles correct or compensate uneven surfaces, making them perfect for running, golf, and other sports played on such terrain. They also relieve discomfort. They can help with conditions generated by excessive impact.

    For example, the repeated impact of activities like walking or running can cause pain in various joints and muscles in the lower body and back, particularly if they are already inflamed. The insoles help with pressure-related problems like plantar warts, characterized by pain upon pressure on a small part of the heel.

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