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Round navy blue shoelaces

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Round Navy Blue Shoelaces Capture Imaginations

You're officially invited to set sail using these round navy blue shoelaces, a prestigious colour presented on a durability ideal for boots. But if you think these laces are exclusively for boots, you risk being thrown overboard. Captain's orders. She's very pretentious about her shoelaces.

Which must be why she never leaves the house without these laces tied securely. It's a literal splash of colour. It makes your foot look cooler both in style and in temperature. It actually soothes you to look at the colour navy, at least according to every word-renowned interior designer. Ask one. They will tell you.

Why is navy blue so highly respected? We think it's the way the colour appears to hold mysterious depths. You could paint the head of a needle navy blue and get lost in it for hours. It's a strong, sturdy colour, but it's also alluring and enticing, like the rare thelymitra jonesii orchid that can only be found in Tasmania, which took me way too long to find on google.

So allow us to re-extend the invitation: make your shoes set sail. Lace them up with these round navy blue shoelaces, and you'll bring the tide with you wherever you go.

The only question is: will you be bringing low tide or high tide? The world wants—nay, needs—to know.

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Product Code: 4M-Round-NavyBlue
Width: 1/6 inch
Commonly used with boots
Made of high quality polyester
Can stretch 16%
OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved