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Round pink shoelaces

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Round Pink Shoelaces Show Off You

Made for boots worn by those who would never leave a fellow hiker behind, round pink shoelaces are both tough and warmhearted, a colour that sits right in that sweet spot between unstoppable and approachable.

These laces are like flamingoes: they're such a perfect pair, they mate for life. They may be beautiful and caring, but they will aggressively protect those they love. And they're pink because of the pigment of the brine shrimp they eat…which actually has nothing to do with these laces…it's more just an interesting animal fact.

When paired with white, round pink shoelaces can portray a level of innocence, delicacy, and purity. It's a pretty combination, and it never fails to make an impression.

Alternatively, pink laces on black or purple shoes? Now that's just seductive, alluring, and daring. Lesser people will be intimidated by it. People like you will fall in love with it.

So it's not that pink is the perfect colour in general, it's that it's the perfect colour for you, whichever end of the pink spectrum you fall on, even if it's right in the middle.

Plus, with these laces on, it'll look like you're riding two soaring flamingoes over a crystal-smooth lake. (Let's see Aladdin top that!)

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Product Code: 4M-Round-LightPink
Width: 1/6 inch
Commonly used with boots
Made of high quality polyester
Can stretch 16%
OEKO-TEX® Certificate Approved